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Peter Laurier's Natural Style homes

"A perfect symbiosis between the ingenuity of mankind and the beauty of nature"

Peter LaurierPeter Laurier is both an artist and a skilled craftsman from The Hague in the Netherlands who has been realizing unique projects for the last 35 years. He is a master in ornamentation and sculptures. He has managed to combine classic styles such as Renaissance, Baroque, Rococo, classicism with the modern to create unique ceilings, ornaments and sculptures using natural materials such as marble and sandstone. for examples of these creations go to


Peter Laurier has since expanded his horizons and is now using his expertise to create his visionary, dreamlike, natural style interiors and homes. He has formed a team of international artists and specialists who excel at woodwork (including carving) and other creative building skills such as decorative forging and different styles of bricklaying. This team has the capability to realize these unique projects all over the world.


The house featured in this website was built in The Hague and has been labeled a "Fairy Tale House" by municipality. Peter Laurier himself lives in this house and this makes it possible to view the home by appointment.


Garage (cellar): 180m2

Ground floor including the verandah: 170 m2

1st floor including balconies: 170 m2

Attic (2 bedrooms): 160 m2

Living area including balconies: 500 m2



NaturalStyleWe would like to inform you about the unique house building possibilities that our company, NaturalStyle, can offer you.
NaturalStyle is a new company that is specialized in realizing wooden blockhouses. These blockhouses, in Canadian/Scandinavian style, are produced from thick impregnated logs of specially selected spruce wood.
Besides workin hard and having successful careers, people nowadays are seeking out unique life experiences and focusing on quality of life. More and more people dream of escaping their daily reality of concrete and traffic. A NaturalStyle home offers the soothing and unique feeling of a more tranquil and healthier life; an oasis of peace away from the stress of modern life.

The wonderful smell, the beautiful look, the idyllic idea of naturally breathing wood, nice and warm in the winter and refreshingly cool in the summer - all these characteristics make a NaturalStyle house so attractive.

Visit the dream house that we have built in the green Vroondaal district of The Hague.

It is also possible to contact NaturaStyle directly via

06-11321252 or